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When the Cold War ended, worry about nuclear weapons also receded. But has the nuclear threat really receded as well? If the U.S. and Russia are no longer in an arms race, why are there nuclear weapons in both countries that are still on high alert?

Filmmaker Bud Ryan sets out to discover what possible explanations there could be as to why the posture of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) still exists, and how the nuclear powers might free the world from this threat once and for all.

The Forgotten Bomb examines the political and legal implications of nuclear weapons, but also digs deeper, into the cultural and psychological reasons behind the arsenal's existence. Bud Ryan's quest takes us from the homes of hibakusha (A-bomb survivors) in Japan, to an abandoned Uranium mine in New Mexico, to an underground Titan missile silo in Arizona. From these places, and many others, Ryan puts together the pieces of a puzzle that explain why we have the bomb, and how we might finally do away with it.

Through interviews with atomic scientists, politicians, authors, statesmen, and atomic bomb survivors, The Forgotten Bomb examines what The Bomb means to us all, and why we need to think about it again, now, even though the Cold War is long over.

WOODY HARRELSON blows the lid off our corrupt system in this powerful new documentary. Ethos examines the flaws in our systems that work against democracy, the environment and society as a whole. Unraveling the complex relationships between unregulated corporate power, the media and our system of government that guarantees the failure of our society at almost every level.
But more, Ethos offers a very simple but powerful solution that could change the world we live in.