The New York Times by Jeannette Catsoulis (12/8/06)
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Village Voice by Ella Taylor (12/5/06)
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LA Weekly by Ella Taylor (12/6/06)
“Blood Diamond and The Empire in Africa: Diamonds Are Forever”
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IE Weekly By Andy Klein
“It packs a punch that aches more and more”
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LA City Beat by Paul Birchall (12/7/06)
“Informative and powerful”
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The Capital Times by Rob Thomas (12/8/06)
“Gut wrenching…a grisly reminder that real war is far bloodier and far messier than the Hollywood version.”
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Isthmus by Kent Williams (12/7/06)
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By Louis Proyect (12/6/06)
“It is not to be missed…a compelling film that ranks with some of the finest I have seen about the problems of war in Third World countries.”
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Murphy’s Movie Reviews by Ted Murphy (12/5/06)
“The film depicts the savagery that humans are capable of inflicting on one another.”
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"Excellent. ****"

"A most convincing indictment of the West, including its governments, multi-nationals, mass media, and even the United Nations as un-indicted conspirators in the exploitation of not merely Sierra Leone, but of most of Africa."
- Kam Williams, Black Star News

Following screenings in Paris:

“Never again will I be able to watch the Nine O’Clock News…without a pang of anger.”
- F. Gibbons, The Guardian

“A film to see absolutely, today.”
- F. Gbadamassi,

“Cinema is a weapon in the hands of the director…The unbearable violence will not leave anybody unharmed.”
- J.B. Drouet, Premiere

“A necessary and essential film.”
- P. Merigeau, Nouvel Observateur

“A huge scream”
- E. Libiot, L’Express