Director, Producer, Writer

Born in Paris, Philippe Diaz studied Philosophy at the Sorbonne. He produced his first feature in 1986, "Havre" by Juliet Berto, a cult actor and director of the French New Wave. "Rue Du Depart" by Tony Gatlif ("Gadjo Dilo") starred Gérard Depardieu and was his second film, winning several Grand Prize awards at international festivals.

His third feature, "Mauvais Sang" by Leos Carax, the first film about AIDS, became an international hit, winning one of most important awards in France, the 1986 Louis Delluc award. It was also nominated for 3 Césars (the French Oscar) as well as winning major awards around the world. This was a movie known for defining a generation and launching the careers of Juliette Binoche and Julie Delpy.

Soon thereafter, Diaz began distributing films by "auteurs" such as "Bless Their Little Hearts" by Billy Woodberry and "Candy Mountain" by acclaimed American photographer Robert Frank (produced by Diaz featuring Kevin J. O'Connor and Tom Waits).

His fourth feature in 1989, "Pierre Et Djemila" by Gérard Blain, a political Romeo and Juliet, represented France in the Official Competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

Continuing to search for new talent and to make films that appealed to global audiences, Diaz produced "The Bengali Night," shot in English in India, which launched the career of director Nicholas Klotz and featured Hugh Grant in his first leading role along with John Hurt and Indian mega-star Shabana Azmi. This marked the beginning of Diaz's collaboration with American studios, in particular Columbia Pictures, and the creation of a Los Angeles based Production Company. Soon after, New Line Cinema tapped Diaz to co-finance and produce "The Man Inside", a political thriller directed by Bobby Roth with Jurgen Prochnow and Peter Coyote.

At the same time he took over management of AAA in Paris as chairman and head of acquisition, where he shepherded the releases of dozens of films including American arthouse favorites, "Paris Trout" and "My Own Private Idaho".

After moving to Los Angeles in 1991, he has continued to produce films with budgets ranging from $200,000 and $15 million under his production shingle including "Heavy Metal 2000," an animated feature based on the magazine franchise in collaboration with Columbia / TriStar.

His directorial debut was the documentary, "Nouvel Ordre Mondial (Quelque Part en Afrique)" shot in Sierra Leone which won the Grand Prix at the Festival of African film in Montreal and well as a Special Prize at the 1World Film Festival in Prague. He also continued his distribution activities.

In 2003, he created Cinema Libre Studio, with a consortium of partners to provide an alternative structure for intelligent, independent films to get developed, financed, produced and distributed.

In 2006, he made "The Empire in Africa," a re-visitation of his earlier Sierre Leone work, which won the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature at Slamdance 2006 and the Hollywood Discovery Award from the Hollywood Film Festival.

Diaz recently directed a feature length documentary, "The End of Poverty?" which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, screened at over 25 international film festivals and played in theatres in 2009/10.


After graduating from U.C. Berkeley, Portello wanted to make movies. So, she did the logical thing and moved to Portland, Oregon. There, she worked in brand marketing for athletic footwear and apparel giants, Nike and adidas.

Relocating to Los Angeles in 2002, Portello was one of the founding partners of Cinema Libre Studio.

In addition to "Now & Later," Portello produced the feature length documentary, "The End of Poverty?" which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 and has subsequently played at over 25 international film festivals. She has producer credits for three films in the "Speaking Freely" series. At Cinema Libre, she has overseen the release of over one hundred independent films and documentaries.

Director of Photography

After graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Anthropology, Denise Brassard entered the film world as a camera assistant in New York while pursuing her passion for cinematography by shooting short films. She moved to Los Angeles and received an MFA in Cinematography at The American Film Institute. Since then she has shot over 15 features and more than 40 short subject narrative films, television specials, and documentaries. Her filming has taken her to countries such as India, Venezuela and Spain. Her features include "Apartment 12", starring Mark Ruffalo, "Deal of a Lifetime", starring Kevin Pollak, "Along for the Ride" with Randall Batinkoff and J.D. Freeman, "The Mouse" starring John Savage and Rip Torn, and "St. Patrick's Day", starring Piper Lorrie. Denise has also taught Cinematography at AFI, USC, Chapman Univ., Maine Photographic Workshops and Columbia College in Los Angeles.



  Shari Solanis
  James Wortham
  Marcellina Walker
  Luis Fernandez-Gil
  Adrian Quinonez
  Anas Khalaf
  Kenneth Alan James
  Antonieta Velasquez
  Heraldo Guiterrez
  Greg Arrowood
  Mary Keeler


Workers: Bo Ballentine, Jose Gonzalez, Elias Jauregruif, Jose Juarez, Armando Siordia

Restaurant Patrons: Erwin Elian Arauz, Claudia Maria Camacho, Jose Balivar Campos,
Thalina Castellon, Robert Gutierrez

Clinic Patrons: Danila Cabrera, Hugo Cabrera, Maria Cabrera, Yessica Campa, Gabriela Casas, Sabina de la Cruz, Valeria Flores, Mayra Godinez, Yoana Godines, Lopez Guillermo Geovanni, Lopez Victor Hugo,
Herminoglida Izara, Marina de Jesus, Maria L.V., Ana Mejia, Rafael Mejia, Lopez Noelly, Cruz Ofelia, Alex Oretego, Alexis Parra, Christopher Parra, Eric Parra, Anderson Portilo, Erika Ramirez, Brianna Ramos, Gustavo Ramos, Jorge L. Ramos, Christian Sanford, Keaty Tinoco



Produced by
  Beth Portello
  Philippe Diaz
Associate Producer
  Rich Castro
First AD/UPM
  Daisy Munoz
Production Manager
  Kira Robles
Script Supervisor
  Fabien Hameline
Production Sound
  Kenneth Alan James
  Keith Wechsler
  Niki Latrese
Prop Design
  Ivy Kim
Steady Camera Operator
  Andre Hoogeveen
Additional Camera
  Sherri Hauk
Camera Assistants
  Robert Njongo
  Heather Anhalt
  Robert Mendicki
Key Grip
  Josh Lewis
Grip/Electric Day Players
  Emerson Jacco
  Helle Jensen
  T- Mo
  Abigail Marie Young
Set Decoration Assistant
  Frances Portello
Casting Assistant
  Tracey Morris
Production Office P.A.
  Lu Etting
  Nick Santillan
  Michelle Patean-Villa
Post-Production Supervisor
  Tom Von Doom
  Casey Olson
Assistant Editors
  Robin Dicker
  Alicia S. Schepsis
  Richard Rosen
  Batya Gilbert
Cinema Libre Studio Support
  Mary Keeler
  Kindra Ruocco

Featuring songs from Nicaragua, Comoros, Algeria, Chile, Cuba, and Uganda.

Shot on location in Los Angeles:
The Rosslyn Hotel
Doctor Bautista Pediatric Clinic - which serves the Nicaraguan community in LA
and more specifically low income residents.)
LA 27th Restaurant - Nicaraguan restaurant in Los Angeles which has developed
teaching programs for deficient students.


Special thanks to:
Mole Richardson
Zuma Corporation
Robert Frontiera
Terrance LaFoe

All characters are purely fictional although they are based on real people whom I have met
and real situations I had the chance to live. The world is full of Bills and Angelas.
This film is, before anything else, their story.

-Philippe Diaz

© Imago Creata - 2009



Cinema Libre Studio is a haven for independent filmmakers offering a complete array of production and distribution resources.  The company, a leader in distributing social issue documentaries and features by young, up-and-coming filmmakers, is a full-service studio with in-house divisions that include: acquisition, theatrical, home entertainment/digital, domestic television and international sales, marketing and releasing films in theatres, through all major home entertainment and digital channels.

The company’s scope of services include: acquisitions, theatrical distribution, international & television sales, grassroots outreach, home entertainment/ digital download and post-production services.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Cinema Libre team has released over one hundred films, many of them social issue documentaries that have served to challenge the status-quo and affect real change.

The company is best known for distributing award-winning films that include: "Outfoxed," "Uncovered: The War on Iraq," Participant Media’s “Angels in the Dust," the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award Winner, "Conventioneers," the Sundance Audience Award-Winning “FUEL” and the studio's highly acclaimed production, "The End of Poverty?"

The company is currently releasing Oliver Stone's documentary "South of the Border" with films from Haskell Wexler and Rachid Bouchareb slated for 2011 releases.

The company is producing the “Last Days of Karl Marx” in Fall 2011 in Algeria and Belgium as well as developing John Perkins’ best-selling memoirs “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” into a major feature film.

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