UNRATED: Sex in Cinema
A Special Screening at the

Thursday, Feb 17th starting at 7pm

Although graphic portrayals of violence are readily accepted by movie audiences in cinema and our society at large, the depiction of sex and sexuality is still met with resistance. Filmmakers who choose to portray sex in a naturalistic fashion run into a wall of censorship at every turn.
America's puritanical relationship with sex on screen will be discussed in this fascinating panel which includes those who have observed and encouraged the evolution of sex in cinema as well as award-winning filmmakers who have battled the film ratings board to do it their way and have helped to move the dial forward with regard to cultural change.
Panelists to include:
-Philippe Diaz, director, NOW & LATER
-Shari Solanis, actress, NOW & LATER
-John Cameron Mitchell, director, SHORTBUS
-Howard Gertler, producer, SHORTBUS
-Lisa Vandever, Co-Founder, Cinekink Film Festival
-NYU Professor Eliot Borenstein, author of 'OVERKILL: Sex and Violence in Contemporary Russian Popular Culture'
-Panel moderated by Museum of Sex curator, Sarah Forbes
Seating is limited, so please RSVP by Wednesday 2/16 by 3pm ET to (Please use subject line: RSVP for UNRATED 2/17 panel.)
The panel kicks of the theatrical premiere of Philippe Diaz's NOW & LATER, opening Friday, February 18 at the Quad Cinema in NYC.
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NOW & LATER's premiere is accompanied by a saucy week-long retrospective, "UNRATED: A WEEK OF SEX IN CINEMA, which will include; 9 SONGS, ANTICHRIST, BETTY BLUE, THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED, THE PRICE OF PLEASURE and SHORTBUS.
The Museum of Sex is located at 233 Fifth Avenue at W. 27th, NYC. Panel will take place in the OralFix Cafe. Program to end by 9:00pm.
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