Ecuador: Rainforest vs. Globalization


Ecuador: Rainforest vs. Globalization

When Rafael Correa, an established economist, entered politics, he was a man on a mission. Elected as Ecuador's President in 2006, he quickly transformed a country with archaic structures into a social, independent, ecological and participative democracy. Ecuadoreans now have genuine reason to believe that the rigid structures of the past are no longer acceptable and that they have a voice.

From the Yasuni Initiative, by which the country would no longer rely upon the exploitation of its natural oil resources, to the analyzing of the IMF debt structure, hear from Correa and other Ecuadorean leaders as they present alternatives regarding their political, ecological and economic status in the global marketplace and how they will put their people and the planet before profits.


Ecuador: Rainforest vs. Globalization

Jacques Sarasin began his career as a yachtsman from 1976-1982 and was a world champion. In 1983, he founded the Yacht Broker Company and served as its Director until 1988. In 1989, he switched gears and founded the International Foundation of Architectural Synthesis (FISA), which developed social housing in Africa and South America.

It was in 1996 when he made another career move and became a producer for Les Productions Faire Bleu and produced four films through 1999. Then he moved into directing, starting with two documentary shorts, "European DN" and "Seul Autour du Monde." His love for documentaries and current political themes have been his passion ever since.

Some of his other films include: "Je Chanterai Pour Toi" ("I'll Sing For You"), the story of Boubacar "KarKar" Traoré, a Malian singer who sang of independence; "On the Rumba River," shot in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a musical tribute to the Congolese people through the music of Antoine Kolosoy known as "Wendo".

In 2006-2009, Sarasin made two films about Nobel Prize Winner and former Chief Economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz. The first one, "Where is the World Going Mr. Stiglitz?" and "Around the World with Joseph Stiglitz."

His latest film, "Ecuador: Rainforest vs. Globalization" takes a look at Ecuador and the ecological, economical, political and social mission of the country's president, Rafael Correa.


Ecuador: Rainforest vs. Globalization

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Jacques Sarasin, AlbertoAcosta, Cesar Robalino Gonzaga, Fernando Vega, Rafael Correa and Ricardo Patino .


Ecuador: Rainforest vs. Globalization

USA 2011 | 90 min. | Color
DVD NTSC | Spanish & French with English Subtitles

In 2006 Rafael Correa was elected president of Ecuador. An educated economist, he came to politics with a mission to transform a country struggling under poverty and debt into a self-sufficient, social, independent, ecological and participative democracy.

From the Yasuni Initiative, where the country would no longer rely on exploiting and the their natural oil resources, to the analyzing of the IMF debt structure, he has given Ecuadorians genuine reason to believe that a new type of government is possible..


Ecuador: Rainforest vs. Globalization

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