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This powerful and intimate documentary provides an inside look at the devastating effects of the first atomic bomb ever used, as depicted in heart wrenching testimonials from survivors, and computer generated recreations of the city and way of life that were lost.


Narrated by George Takei, Message From Hiroshima provides an inside look at life and culture in the city before the first ever atomic bomb was used. Today, where the Hon and Motoyasu rivers meet, stands the Peace Memorial Park – the former location of the Nakajima district, which once was home thousands to people and hundreds of businesses. When the first ever atomic bomb was detonated 2,000 feet above Hiroshima’s city center on August 6, 1945, all of that vanished. Seventy years later, director Masaaki Tanabe makes it his mission to revive the memory of what once was by interviewing hibakusha (survivors) and former residents. These heart wrenching testimonials, along with computer-generated recreations of restaurants, shoe stores, cinemas, and the famous Industrial Promotion Hall, takes us deep into the hustle and bustle, sights, sounds, and smells of a lost culture and people.


Director: Masaaki Tanabe
Featuring: George Takei (narration)
TRT: 52 minutes
CAT: CLS1205 | UPC: 881394120525
Genre: Documentary, History
Language: English and Japanese with Subtitles

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Message From Hiroshima


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