David began in the theater. He studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts as well as The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Born in Vancouver, Canada to Italian immigrants, David fell into acting on a dare. A good friend of his informed him of a regional audition The American Academy was conducting and dared him to audition. David accepted and three weeks later he received an acceptance letter. He quit college and decided to give acting a try. It stuck and he has been acting ever since.

David is known for his versatility in the roles he plays on stage and screen. His chameleon-like ability allows him to take on comedic characters as well as dramatic ones. He searches for material that is interesting and challenging and when he was approached to be part of EL SÚPERSTAR, he considered it to be one that he shouldn’t pass up.

David was quoted as saying "using improv in movie-making was exciting and inspiring and working with writer/director Amy French was a great experience. She worked carefully with the actors and made it clear what they needed to achieve in every scene."

He was also quoted as saying his role as the villain of EL SÚPERSTAR, was one of his most memorable ones. When he’s not doing film or television projects, David is deeply involved in theater and is presently working on The Idea Man by Kevin King, directed by David Fofi at the Elephant Theater. In the last few years, David has extended his creative talents to writing and directing. He is currently working on a full-length stage production of a story about a mother and son. He currently lives in Los Angeles.