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LYRICS - Cinco (Espanol)

Llego a las cinco
Ni sol en mi pecho
Soy mas fuerte que machina

Canso a las nueve
Con Dios como fuente
A las dos tuve my ascencion

Ya son la cuatro
Y puedo sosternerlo
Casi tiempo de celebrar

Son las cinco ya
Porque debo parar
Son las cinco, hermana
Puedes darme la hora
Ya cortamos las floras
Son las cinco ya

La situacion es
La celebracion
Abririmos una mas

Sirveme bien y haz
Lo Super-sized
Mi Ford se cabe mucho mas

Hasta el mar
Con camisas a banar


Porque voy a regresar

Con piel café
En tierra me tengo fe
Aqui me voy a triumfar

Es por mi espalda
Que no faltes nada
California no me olvida


Lyrics - Five O'Clock (English)

I got here at five
No sun to warm my chest
I am stronger than any machine

I got tired at nine
With God as my fountain
I have a re-birth at two

Now it is four
And I can hold out
It’s almost time to celebrate

It is five yet?
Because I should stop
Is it five yet, sister?
Can you tell me the time?
We’ve already cut the flowers
Is it five yet?

The situation is
The celebration
Crack open another one

Serve me well and make
It SuperSized
My Ford can fit more than this

Come with us
To the ocean
To swim in our t-shirts


Celebrate me
Adore me
Because I will always return

With brown skin
I have faith in the earth
Here is where I will always triumph

It is because of my backbone
That you want for nothing
Califonia will never forget me